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My husband and I hired Wes and his crew to help us rebuild our house from the ground up. We were able to do all of this in 11 months! In the middle of Covid no less! On house design is very modern and thanks to Wes’ team every detail is perfect! We had several elements to our house that were complicated but thankfully Wes and his guys are super skilled problem solvers and it was all executed to a T! We’re so lucky we found Farnsworth Builders.

Christa, Santa Monica, CA

Wes and David and the Farnsworth team built our dream house. They listened. They asked great questions. They gave great advice. And then they built the house that we will live in for the rest of our lives - the house we will raise our kids in - the house we love.

Farnsworth Builders built our entire house from the ground up - better than we could have imagined because they had the experience to know a hundred different tiny little solutions to things that wouldn't have ever occurred to us - things that will save us time and money and frustration down the road.

They are smart. They are capable. They are kind. They listen. And they build well. If you need a contractor, you should call them.

Mathew P, Los Angeles

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We have worked with Farnsworth Builders on a few different projects including both renovations and a new build. In all the projects, the scope and clients were very specific and Wes and his team always asked the right questions and made sure that everything was built per the drawings and design direction. We have worked with a number of contractors and their team really goes above and beyond. They were not only very cordial and easy to work with, they were always there with a discerning eye and incredible attention to detail for the finishing touches; a skill you don't often encounter in this industry. I whole heartedly recommend the team at Farnsworth Builders for any building project and we are excited to continue to work with them as we refer them to other clients with the utmost confidence in their skill and expertise.

AAHA Studio, Los Angeles

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