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For over 14 years, Farnsworth Builders has been helping the residents of Southern California upgrade their abodes with luxury home remodeling services. Our team draws on extensive past experience to execute remodels that completely transform our clients’ homes. From market value and energy efficiency, to aesthetic appeal and overall quality of living, every aspect is upgraded for maximum impact. 

What is Custom Whole Home Remodeling in Southern California?

When homes are remodeled, it’s common for only one or two zones to be targeted. For example, renovating just the kitchen or bathrooms is frequently seen. In whole home renovations, that scope is expanded to cover the entire home, overhauling every room with enhancements. 


The practice of whole home remodeling has become increasingly popular throughout Southern California. This is for a multitude of reasons. 


Architectural Integrity


One being that many homes in this region sport unique historic architecture. Although these designs of the past may be highly prized, so too are modern upgrades that can improve the home’s practicality. In these circumstances, whole home remodeling can be a great way to get all of the benefits of a modern build, while preserving classic features and motifs. Having a professional building team on the job can ensure that key pieces of the original architecture remain, or are recreated in a way that will offer greater performance and durability. 


Improved Efficiency 


Resource efficiency has become a prime motivator of renovation as well. The ever-rising costs of electricity and gas are compounded by climate change, which is requiring California homeowners to use their cooling systems more and more. Water conservation is also a growing concern in this drought-afflicted locale. Homeowners that want to cut down their resource consumption see tremendous value in upgrading their home’s appliances, envelope, and architectural features in favor of efficiency and sustainability. 


Natural Disaster Protection

Another driving force behind whole home remodeling here is the damage done by environmental disasters such as wildfires and landslides. Many homes have been wiped out entirely by such occurrences. However, there are a large number that have suffered just enough exposure to warrant a full renovation. In some cases, even the mere risk is pushing owners to overhaul their homes, creating builds that are stronger and more durable in the face of potential hazards.

What Does Home Renovating Entail?

Those who are considering a home remodel usually have two main questions: How much of the original home must remain, and is it possible to incorporate additions? 


The good news is that in a home remodel, there’s no limit to how much of the home’s structure can be replaced. This allows you to upgrade every piece of material and completely adjust the design to fit your needs. While some original features can be preserved if desired, you have full freedom of choice when pursuing this type of renovation. That includes adding on entirely new rooms and structures, such as extra bedrooms, additional floors, porches, patios, and even additional dwelling units (ADUs) or mother-in-law suites. 

Benefits of Remodeling Over New Construction

Given that home remodeling typically involves altering and replacing most of the original structure, many may wonder if it’s a better idea to build a new home from scratch. However, choosing to remodel comes with a number of benefits that can easily make it the more advantageous option.

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Homeowner Benefits

It’s well known that the housing market in California has reached extraordinary highs. This means that residents who wish to buy a new property are looking at extreme price tags, even for bare plots of land. 


Choosing to remodel the home you already own allows you to attain a completely fresh living space without having to endure the expense and effort of purchasing in today’s competitive real estate market. Such stress is easily sidestepped, and your funds can be focused on getting exactly what you desire out of your home. 


Of course, if and when you do choose to sell, the renovation will pay off with a major increase in resale value. Up to date finishes, appliances, structures, and utility installations will be especially attractive to buyers who are seeking homes offering a quality that matches their steep asking price.

Environmental Benefits


The National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Preservation Green Lab has found that it can take as long as 80 years for the energy benefits of new construction to offset the carbon emissions that result from it. Their analysis confirms that remodeling nearly always has greener outcomes. Homeowners who find it important to be environmentally responsible in their housing decisions often see this as a compelling reason to choose renovation over pursuing a new build. 


Not only does renovating remove the need for resource-heavy new construction, it also transforms inefficient properties into ones that achieve the latest benchmarks of sustainability. Instead of leaving behind old homes that are high energy consumers, owners that renovate are lifting existing housing into the environmentally-friendly sphere. 


Renovating an existing home can also help lower the demand for urban sprawl. Rather than requiring a fresh plot of land to build new construction upon, the same property can be used to provide an upgraded residence. Local green spaces are preserved, and current housing remains utilized.

Material Savings

When it comes to project materials, whole home renovation grants benefits for both the homeowner and the environment. 


Renovation presents the opportunity to reuse and repurpose the materials of the old build. Many homeowners find this to be a great way to conserve their budget, get creative, and maintain a connection to features that they had a sentimental attachment to. 


The old materials produced by a project can also generate savings in other ways. Donating these materials for recycling purposes can make you eligible for generous tax breaks that offset the total cost of renovation. For example, Habitat for Humanity’s Los Angeles chapter accepts tax-deductible donations of old appliances, HVAC units, flooring, doors, and a multitude of other supplies. Farnsworth Builders can help you orchestrate such donations as a part of your project. 

Reusing, donating, and recycling the leftover materials from your project is an effective way to reduce the environmental impact of renovation. Instead of producing a significant portion of waste that will simply sit in a landfill, these materials can have their usefulness extended. Their use in other applications will minimize the need for sourcing newly-manufactured materials, which have their own additional carbon footprint.

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Why Farnsworth Builders is the Best Option for Your Home Remodel

With so many contractors out there, it can be difficult to determine who is truly the best to take on your project. At Farnsworth Builders, we can confidently say that we bring a long list of competitive perks to the table. 


Industry Experience 

Our crew boasts several combined decades of experience renovating homes according to the most exacting standards. We have mastered the process to achieve ultimate efficiency, delivering quick progress and effective management. This extensive experience has also given us hands-on familiarity with the region’s most popular architectural styles. We know how to achieve the aesthetic you desire, maintaining full stylistic continuity throughout the new design. 


Outstanding Reviews

Numerous homeowners throughout Southern California can attest to our team’s skill and quality of work. We have many satisfied customers throughout the area that have been eager to provide us with glowing reviews, citing our professionalism, transparency, and commitment to excellence. 


Local Knowledge 

Thanks to having a large portfolio distributed across the region, we’ve learned the ins and outs of renovating a home in your area. Not only do we have up to date knowledge of the local materials market, we are also well versed in all of the requirements upheld by building codes and permitting authorities. 


Secure Warranties

We stand by our work. When you partner with Farnsworth Builders, you get complete peace of mind knowing that your renovation is backed by warranties that protect your interests. Should any unexpected complications arise, we’ve got you covered. 


Licenses and Certifications

Our firm has obtained all of the licensing and certifications required to perform whole home renovations in the state of California, and more specifically, your city. We have all of the credentials to pull permits in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Malibu


Strong Network 

After so many years building and remodeling homes in Southern California, we’ve developed a robust professional network. We leverage these contacts to get you the best deals and optimize your project schedule, ensuring that your project wraps up within your ideal timeframe and budget. 



Our process for whole home remodeling meets every step with unwavering standards. This thorough approach produces results that make the wait well worth it. 


We’ll review your plans for your new design and assess any opportunities for improvements. Doing this evaluation guarantees that your renovation delivers the highest quality in terms of aesthetics, functionality, energy efficiency, market value, and durability. 


Once the details are decided upon, we make sure you have all of the right drafting and documentation to reflect your updated design. This will give both our team and all contributing subcontractors accurate plans to work from throughout the renovation process.  

Permits and Approvals

Farnsworth Builders works with the local authorities to streamline your project’s permitting process. While it’s possible to do it yourself, our team takes the load off of your shoulders, leveraging our familiarity with the local offices and procedures to speed up approvals and ensure nothing’s missing from your application. This includes ensuring that you have plans, specifications, and supporting documents that are prepared and reviewed by professionals with the required credentials, such as engineers.


After obtaining a permit, we will continue working with the city to schedule the necessary inspections as construction progresses. This will guarantee that your project moves along as quickly as possible, with no oversights when it comes to California building code compliance


Obsolete parts of the old structure are removed during demolition. Our team will work carefully around any components that are intended to be preserved, and arrange for the proper disposal of materials. This can include donating and recycling, as well as the booking of specialized services for hazardous waste. 


After the work site has been cleared of all debris, our crew will be ready to start the rebuilding process. We’ll lay down all new structural components as needed, making our way up to surface level finishes and installations, such as flooring and cabinetry. 


If your renovation calls for the incorporation of new rooms or extensions, these additions are erected as part of the rebuilding step. Our team will ensure that the right dimensions are set, and the new space conjoins seamlessly with your existing structure. This is one of the many services we offer our clients when doing a home renovation. 


Altering the design of your home may call for the reconfiguration of your mechanical utility systems. This includes tasks like rerouting plumbing, as well as electrical wiring, telecom cables, and HVAC infrastructure. We’ll recruit the help of expert subcontractors to verify that each installation is optimal and up to code. 

Finishing Touches

When your renovation has finally neared the finish line, our team will perform a final inspection. We’ll inspect all of the items on your “punch list” - a final list of features that must be checked for proper installation and functionality. If anything doesn’t meet our standards, we’ll rectify it right away. Our work isn’t done until your home is 100% ready and you are ecstatic about the results. 

The Farnsworth Builders Difference

With Farnsworth Builders, your project is more than a transaction. We understand that our work will affect your enjoyment of your home for years to come. Thus, we strive to deliver service that reflects this deeply personal mission. 

Our team sets out from day one to capture your vision in its entirety, working closely with you through every stage of renovation to comprehend your needs and align every task with your goals. We’re only satisfied when we’re certain that your remodel is turning out to be everything you hoped for. 

If you’re looking for renovation contractors that value your experience and insight, look no further. We’re ready to discuss your plans and make them a reality. Contact Farnsworth Builders today to get started. 

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