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Farnsworth Builders has been helping Southern California’s residents pull off top of the line new construction projects since 2008. Our work brings true individuality to the region’s custom homes, leveraging a methodology that identifies opportunities for improvements and gets the most out of each build.

Our Mission

At our conception, we set out to bring a new level of satisfaction to the market. Our team sought to deliver custom builds that truly embodied their own essence, rather than mimicked the trends that proliferated through the region. 


Furthermore, we strove to simplify the process, taking the complications out of new construction. We believe that those who want to create their ideal home shouldn’t have to endure stressful, overly-complicated workflows. Our efforts allow clients to rest easy through every project phase, able to indulge in the excitement of accomplishing a completely unique build


Farnsworth Builders strives to be the top choice for those looking to build their own custom home in Southern California. By offering unparalleled service and results, we have full confidence knowing that we are best poised to execute the area’s freshest, most innovative new construction projects.

5 Steps to Building a New Custom Home with Farnsworth Builders

The journey to a newly built custom home comprises 5 steps. Our team seeks to make each step as swift and smooth as possible, geared toward obtaining the most desirable outcomes.

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Step One: Choice   

Once you’ve obtained the official plans for your custom home, you’ll need to find a builder to help you bring them to life. Like many happy homeowners before, you may be driven to choose our firm based on the deeply personalized service we offer, along with an approach that guarantees optimal results. 


When you come to Farnsworth Builders, you’ll be met with a full-service team that is ready to plan your project’s success. Our first meeting begins with a discussion of your overall vision and goals, as well as any “must-haves” on your list. You’ll talk with our CEO, Wes, who will personally oversee your project, as well as your assigned project manager who will be your main point of contact throughout construction. 


This gives us the foundational understanding we need to proceed with the rest of our pre-construction process - the process by which we analyze and plan out every detail of your build before construction begins.

Step Two: Design

After you’ve gone through project onboarding, we’ll sit down and assess your design plans. As needed, we will bring in the help of expert engineers to evaluate your plans and provide guidance on the practicalities necessary to realize your design. While performing our analysis, we’ll be considering factors like feasibility, potential weaknesses, and opportunities to bring the design closer to your ultimate goals. 


This is the point when we may discuss new integrations, or slight alterations that could streamline the construction process. Our crew will propose design adjustments that get you better results in terms of your home’s energy performance, longevity, value, and/or practicality. 


Going through this step gives you the chance to confirm that your custom home turns out to be 100% aligned with your preferences and needs. It’s the last point in the process where you’ll be able to make revisions and fine-tune your plans to suit your preferences.

Step Three: Material and Plan Decisions

After your design is finalized and expected results are clearly defined, we move into planning the logistics of your build. This includes specifying exactly which materials will be needed and in what quantities, as well as scheduling their delivery according to the project timeline. 


Thanks to decades of experience building homes in California, we’ve learned how to implement the best possible scheduling system. Our planning accounts for current market dynamics affecting the local material supply chain, and the conditions subcontractors need to complete their installations. 


Properly scheduling permit applications is also a part of this step. We will prepare for all necessary permitting requirements well ahead of time, certifying that your project doesn’t suffer any red-tape delays. 


Final estimates are drawn up and delivered to you, giving full transparency of how your budget will be allocated. 

Step Four: Breaking Ground

At this point, all of the project logistics will be planned, and you’ll have an official timeline provided for the building process. We start work on your lot and keep you informed with regular updates on progress. These will take the form of weekly on-site meetings that allow you to see the current state of work. 


Your project manager is always available to answer any questions, and they’ll be deftly handling any issues that may arise. Routine inspections are performed to verify that the build is coming together as it should. Subcontractors are supervised thoroughly, and any divergence with your final design is addressed immediately to mitigate delays. Having our own staff with skills in various subcontractor disciplines enables us to contribute to subcontractor installations if necessary, maintaining steady progress. 


Every part of the construction plan is executed with accuracy, culminating in a complete build that is ready for the final assessment.

Step Five: Final Walk Through and Moving In

Some contractors attempt to speed through the last step so that they can avoid extra work and move on to the next project. While this is great for the contractor’s revenue, it’s not so good for the clients who find that their new home doesn’t meet expectations. 

That’s why the Farnsworth Builders’ team commits to a thorough walk through after construction is complete, leaving no stone unturned when looking for areas that still need some extra attention. We meticulously inspect every appliance hookup, every baseboard, and every finish to guarantee that what we deliver is a move-in ready build of the highest quality. Any minor details that need attending to are added to your “punch list”. We resolve these items immediately so that there’s no delay on your move-in date. 

By the end of this process, you’ll have a luxury-tier custom home that reflects the quality of care we pledged at your project’s kickoff.

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Benefits of the New Construction Process

The way Farnsworth Builders tackles new construction accords our clients with a clear overview of their project from start to finish. The benefits of our unique workflow are what make every home we complete a stellar example of modern building quality.


1. Process Efficiency

Our methods achieve greater efficiency during the build. While employing a preliminary pre-construction process may seem like a time-consuming extra step, it actually streamlines the entire project by laying out precise plans that can be followed with ease and predictability.


2. Design Accuracy

Farnsworth Builders doesn’t break ground until every aspect of your design is defined, right down to the smallest fixtures and materials. Giving our crew exact specifications to work from avoids confusion. No assumptions need to be made, preventing any rework required to rectify mistaken installations. 


3. Logistical Clarity

All supplies are accounted for ahead of time, ensuring that every bit of material and equipment is either on-site, or on its way with a known delivery date. There’s no guesswork regarding when supplies may be available.


4. Optimal Collaboration

Thanks to efficient planning that sets all project stages in stone, we can schedule our crew and subcontractors to perform their work with time-saving overlaps. Seizing every opportunity to simultaneously complete different parts of the build will keep your project on course for a swift finish.


5. Timeline Security

Intelligent preparations and scheduling preserves your project’s completion schedule, guarding against events that would otherwise cause serious delays. You will have peace of mind knowing that the timeline we promise will be kept to.

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How Does Farnsworth Builders Stand Out from the Competition? 

At Farnsworth Builders, we leverage our specialized processes and strengths to offer our clients a distinctly superior level of service. Here are some of the aspects of working with Farnsworth Builders that are unique and can push your project ahead. 


Unlike many builders, our team implements a thorough pre-construction process to iron out every detail before breaking ground. Avoiding a hasty kickoff enables us to prepare for all eventualities in the construction phase. Charting out the course and identifying possible complications ahead of time outlines clear expectations for how work will unfold, allowing us to deliver faster, more accurate project timelines. Looking to find out more about our pre-construction process? Read our pre-construction page!


With other contractors, it’s easy to feel like your project is just one of many on their plate. This is usually evidenced by unexplainable delays, a lack of contact, and a general feeling that the contractor just isn’t that invested in the results. But with Farnsworth Builders, we dedicate full attention to each project we take on. Your project will always be a top priority, made clear by open communication with your devoted project manager, and personal involvement by our CEO himself. We consistently go the extra mile to maintain your trust and prove that our team is working in your interests. 


Before our team came together under the Farnsworth Builders banner 14 years ago, we already had long careers steering new construction projects to success. From project management to hands-on-building, our crew has experience with every aspect of creating luxury-quality homes. This full-spectrum background gives our crew the insights necessary to plan your project effectively and navigate even the most difficult challenges. The wisdom gained through our combined decades of home building allows us to foresee issues and adapt accordingly, avoiding the types of delays and obstacles that commonly afflict other contractors. 

Farnsworth Builders Enhances New Construction

We want our clients to get the best possible performance out of their newly constructed home. That’s why we examine your plans for opportunities to include upgrades that improve functionality and efficiency. Your goals are discussed in detail before we take the first steps, ensuring all possibilities are explored to fulfill them. 

Are There Any Sustainability Options that Farnsworth Builders Can Add Into a New Build?

Farnsworth Builders can help you integrate additional sustainability options into the plans for your custom home. From grey water solutions and rain catchment installations, to high efficiency heating and cooling systems, there are a wide range of options available to enhance your home’s performance. We’ll be able to assist with the engineering and subcontractor management required to implement the installations you choose, allowing for seamless unification.

Does Farnsworth Builders Include Smart Options in its Builds? 

Our team can help you incorporate smart home systems and tools into your new build. We’re able to arrange for smart lighting, home security, and other solutions that elevate your home’s convenience and practicality. The industry’s top smart technologies are available to be integrated according to your needs. 

New Construction Projects Unfold with Ease at Farnsworth Builders

If you’re looking for a premier contractor to bring your custom home plans to life, Farnsworth Builders is Southern California’s top choice. We invite you to learn more about what we can help you achieve. Reach out to our team today to schedule your consultation. 

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