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Farnsworth Builders, custom home builders and home remodelers in Southern California, delivers complete custom home construction services for some of the region’s most beautifully-crafted homes. This is made possible by a process that preserves quality at every step, starting with an intensive pre-construction stage that charts out each project’s path to success.

The Farnsworth Builders Mission

The motivation for Farnsworth Builders started with a desire to raise the bar. We wanted to set a new standard for how homeowners experience the process of building their forever home. Farnsworth Builders was founded to make this journey one of excitement, in which inspiration and cooperation could make even the loftiest of visions a reality.

Today, Farnsworth Builders continues our mission to help others bring their visualizations into the world, creating homes with undeniable character and integrity. We strive to build a sense of camaraderie with every one of our clients, understanding just how important their project is to their life’s greater goals.

We know that we play a crucial role in the story of our clients’ homes, and we do all we can to support their dreams. By the end of our work, we aim to walk away as friends who helped these families welcome a new chapter of their lives. It’s our hope that you’ll be among the next.

What Goes Into the Pre-Construction Phase?

Pre-construction is the stage of preparation, in which we work with the architect and subcontractors to lay all the necessary groundwork for building. In order to prevent disruptions during construction, significant planning and analysis must be done.

Farnsworth Builders takes a proactive approach when it comes to client needs, identifying possible challenges by examining all project documentation and discussing foreseeable friction points with both the client and all project contributors. We deploy professional engineers to assess how the build must be executed, aligning technical plans with project goals. Estimates are drawn up for conceptual, schematic, and preliminary stages, being refined to reflect a realistic final budget.

A full review of the project plans helps to iron-out any remaining complications, allowing us to proceed to logistics and scheduling. Official permits are applied for, materials are ordered, and a concrete timeline is established to create an official construction schedule.


The Farnsworth Builders’ Difference

Here in the most bustling hotspot of Southern California, there is an intense demand for specialized contractors. Many professional builders in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Malibu are accommodating the need for speed and availability by making compromises to the quality of their process. They take on more projects than they can attend to in a timely manner, and they cut corners in pre-construction to drive progress.

At Farnsworth Builders, we know that this approach yields disappointing results. We believe in upholding the highest standards of the pre-construction process to guarantee that your design is executed flawlessly, and without delay. Our team works diligently to ensure all administration, logistics, and other practical arrangements are made to enable a smooth kickoff and steady momentum. We take care of all of this before breaking ground, only proceeding to construction when conditions are ready for swift and seamless execution. Committing to a disciplined method has made it possible for our crew to successfully complete countless projects at consistently high rates of satisfaction.

1. Get Organized     

We collect and organize all documentation necessary to understand the project goals and requirements, assembling everything in your dedicated file. If any information is missing, we schedule necessary meetings and deliveries to happen as soon as possible.

2. Analyze

Project drawings, blueprints, and other documents are analyzed to develop a clear picture of what our building team must accomplish. We consult the architect to verify design intent and provide more insight where necessary. We also perform risk analysis, shedding light on any problems that we may need to prepare for once construction proceeds.

3. Plan

Planning makes up a sizable portion of the pre-construction work, hence, our consultation will focus on identifying all the different factors necessary for consideration. We will determine plans for both material procurement and building execution, determining what equipment we will need for each step of the process, as well as utility requirements and site planning or evaluation tasks. Recruiting needs are evaluated, forming selection criteria for a team with the skills your build requires. Your project manager will lay the groundwork for planning out construction phasing and logistics, and even scope out scheduling opportunities that may enable expedited services. Financial planning is also covered in depth, reviewing cost-saving measures and any chances to incorporate value engineering.

4. Survey

Your building plans are scrutinized carefully to review the overall concept, design, and construction site. This further work allows us to plan specific construction tasks and deliveries well in advance, avoiding the bottlenecks and delays that have become so common in the post-pandemic industry.

5. Establish Needs

The goals of the project design are defined in detail, giving us a firm understanding of what characteristics must be attained by the build. We ascertain what needs consultants, engineers, and/or subcontractors may have in terms of information and accommodations, giving every contributor the best possible footing for achieving your goals. Possible needs identified during this step may include site preparations, material availability, or financial milestones. Much of this is accomplished via ongoing dialogue between all collaborators, ensuring that needs are properly forecasted and updated throughout all phases of construction.

6. Consider Approvals

Before construction can begin, the project will need to obtain the right approvals from local building authorities. We’ll assess what permits must be applied for, identify the necessary paperwork, and estimate the application submission deadlines needed to keep the project on course for quick completion.

Pre-construction Deliverables

Once the pre-construction consultation is finished, we’ll have the information we need to work up our deliverable documentation. This includes:

1. Scope: A summary detailing the full scope of the project, and what services specifically are to be provided by the Farnsworth Builders’ team. Plus, we will cover what tasks are delegated to third-party collaborators. Establishing the scope in certain terms gives you, our team, and all other contributors a clear view of what demands must be met over the course of the build. Responsibilities are defined and documented, leaving no confusion as to what’s expected from everyone involved.

2. Estimates: You’ll receive official estimates for both project costs and the construction timeline. These estimates will contain itemized expenses and duration breakdowns for each stage of the construction process. You’ll have a clear picture of how the budget is to be distributed, and what schedule you can expect the work to follow. While the figures and timelines set in these estimates may be subject to revision if unexpected developments arise during construction, they give you and all collaborators a reliable frame of reference. 

3. Analysis: A thorough analysis is necessary to identify any risks, delays, or other challenges that may present themselves during the course of construction. The analysis will include a review of what equipment is likely to be needed for different tasks, as well as extra services that may need to be obtained via subcontractors or consultants. Analysis deliverables cover the project parameters, challenges, and strategies in detail, providing the entire team with the documentation needed to understand all actions planned for the construction phase.

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Your home’s performance is mapped out, first establishing ideal parameters and concepts that can help meet your goals. The feasibility of these items is assessed, leading to the development of thorough action plans. Issues addressed include your home’s energy consumption, plus optimization of the building envelope in terms of insulation and air quality. Once we’ve worked out the full scope of desired performance benchmarks, our team begins planning the specifications and installations necessary to fulfill them. The end of the pre-construction process will yield a fully-documented strategy for delivering a home that performs up to the highest standards of sustainability and efficiency.



Further analysis, coordination, and planning is undertaken to cultivate specific solutions to any challenges foreseen during construction, as well as particular goals that exceed standard design. Some of these may overlap with the goals set during the performance assessment.

Each one of our builds meets California’s requirements to include Energy Star-rated appliances and fixtures. However, our team can deliver solutions that go well beyond California’s standards for energy efficiency, including, but not limited to, grey water systems, rain catchment, and high efficiency systems for both heating and cooling. With proper timing, transparency, and collaboration, we’re poised to achieve fit-outs that reflect the innovation of cutting-edge residential architecture.



Preparing for successful realization of your design will require intensive collaboration with not only those who had a hand in conceiving it, but also those who will be assisting our team in the build.

Farnsworth Builders cooperates with your project architect to provide the engineering solutions needed to make the design possible in the real world. We also review possible alternatives in the event that any part of the design is not fully executable when considering all practicalities. Given that today’s industry is fraught with unexpected complications and material or labor shortages, this contingency may prove to be a saving grace when it comes to maintaining project progress.

We then consult with the project’s many other possible contributors, such as construction subcontractors, interior designers, and landscape designers. Discussions with all these parties will cover how the fulfillment of the design can be carried out according to your specifications, within the project’s constraints on both time and budget. By initiating collaboration at the pre-construction stage, we can ensure that the work of all contributors is in sync throughout construction.


Benefits of a Complete Pre-construction Process

Partnering with a custom high-end contractor that commits to a complete pre-construction process gives your project the best foundation for a quick, easy build. Preliminary logistics planning and work coordination keeps progress flowing without needless bottlenecks. Plus, brainstorming solutions to foreseeable issues empowers crews to respond appropriately, resolving problems before they can cause chaos.

Contractors who understand the importance of pre-construction know that assumptions can be a project’s downfall. They know that they provide the best value to their clients when they’re armed with all the information needed to strategize for optimal workflow and cost efficiency. Projects that kick off with a strong pre-construction program are more likely to avoid unexpected costs and rework, often coming to the finish line within budget. When pre-construction is foregone, it’s far more likely that a build may find itself in uncharted territory, without a ready plan to get back on course.

It’s for these reasons that Farnsworth Builders prioritizes pre-construction, never rushing to the ground-break before we’ve completed all necessary preparations. Over the years, we’ve also learned that this approach is the most conducive to creativity. First assessing the design in depth keeps your options open, allowing new ideas to be implemented before they’re locked out by limiting factors like material orders, foundation laying, or framing. We invest in pre-construction so that your project has the flexibility to meet its full potential.


With Farnsworth Builders, Your Project Is In Good Hands From Start To Finish

From pre-construction all the way to the final walkthrough, our team will work to ensure your project unfolds as smoothly as possible. We’re focused on getting you the exact results you envision, by the most efficient means. This is why we’ve developed a construction process that leaves no variable unaccounted for.

If you’re ready to discuss your project with a professional crew, we invite you to get in touch. Please contact Farnsworth Builders to get an expert opinion on how your project can be guaranteed success. One of our associates will be in touch to prepare you for your consultation.

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