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Santa Monica Home Builders


Farnsworth Builders focuses primarily on high-end, custom home builds and home remodels for its clients. As one of the top Santa Monica home builders, Farnsworth has had the opportunity to take on some the most complex and unique projects and bring them to life. This is where we thrive. We have extensive experience and the capability to work with hillsides, glass walls and staircases, large cantilevers, and other complex features that would help embody our client’s style and vision. We love collaborating with architects and executing custom luxury home builds that surpass your expectation. 

Each step in the build process is facilitated by our team, ensuring that the timeline established from the beginning is met. We see transparent and honest communication as key throughout the entire project, so are in close contact with you and the architects to give updates and make sure every detail of the design is acted on. As dedicated home builders, we work hard to see that our clients’ dreams are fully realized in their new custom home.

Pre- Construction

One thing that sets Farnsworth apart from other Santa Monica home builders is our intensive pre-construction process. This stage in the process is where meticulous preparation is made for every part of the build. Once ground is broken, we want to be able to move forward at fullsteam without any disruptions or setbacks. To ensure this, extensive planning and communication with the architect and subcontractors takes place. We identify potential challenges through thorough examination of project documentation and discussions around possible points of friction. By the end of this phase, the essential groundwork for building is laid and a realistic timeline and budget is established. We don’t want our clients or team to be caught by surprise by any part of the home build. 

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