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Los Angeles General Contractor


Specializing in custom luxury home builds and home remodels, Farnsworth Builders is one of the top general contractors in Los Angeles. Our team of experts is marked by integrity, transparency, and honesty.  While most contractors will get their foot in the door with lowball numbers, our budget estimates are honest and show what it will actually cost. We want our clients to be fully informed about what they are stepping into with their project, not blindsided by unexpected costs that get added as a result of lack of planning, impractical budgets, and dishonesty. 

We value communication with our clients that is transparent and upfront. Throughout the project, from start to finish, we keep our clients in the loop on progress made or potential setbacks. We are dedicated to quality and doing things the right way, getting the necessary permits to move your project along. We do not cut corners. Most of all, our desire is to surpass our client's expectations, turning their dream home into reality through masterful execution of design and construction.


From bathroom remodels, to kitchen remodels, to entire home remodels, our team loves transforming our clients' homes with luxury modern upgrades while preserving original features as desired. Home remodels serve to increase the aesthetic appeal, quality of living, and market value of your home. Many people often take the opportunity to add whole new rooms or living spaces, including accessory dwelling units (ADUs), patios, and second-floor additions. 


New Construction

Farnsworth Builders provides custom luxury home builds for residents in Los Angeles. With an exhaustive pre-construction process in place for each build, our team is able to work confidently and efficiently after breaking ground. We love working with designs that are both unique and complex, and work hard to execute them with perfection. Contact us to discuss your dream custom home and let us make it a reality!

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