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We offer a variety of high-end, luxury services that encompass everything from custom home designs, general contracting services, remodels, new construction, and both specialized and collaborative builds. 

What do we want?  We want the tricky most complex builds. We love being a part of the evolution of the building.  Doing what’s never been done before or what others say isn’t possible. Bringing these projects to life is why we love to build. 


We will facilitate every step of the development process, ensuring that we communicate with you every step of the way. We work closely with architects and together, we can take a client's idea and make that idea a reality. 

We do perfection. We build with intention. 


Choosing a remodeling contractor can be the hardest and most convoluted process that you will undertake. We have the experience to tell you what you're up against.  We will provide you with an honest budget that we stand behind.  We do not give low ball numbers to get in the door and then use change orders to make our money. We pride ourselves on being honest and upfront from the first meeting.  


We understand that sometimes seeing the actual cost of a project is shocking but we believe that transparency is key. We would rather have happy clients that know what they are getting into than unhappy clients who do not know what to expect.  


Do you ever wonder why so many projects cost double or sit unfinished for years? Well this breaks down into the following: Poor planning, unrealistic budgeting, and worst of all, dishonest contractors.  


If someone tells you they need to open things up to see what they’re dealing with, they either do not have the experience or they just want to get in the door so they can tell you what they already know (they underbid the job).


Transparency and honesty are vital to our success and we pride ourselves on these qualities. 

New Construction

Our team of highly dedicated, passionate people, specializes in the most complex and unique builds. With our focus being primarily on custom luxury homes, we have the experience and knowledge to handle these special projects. 


We are capable of handling hillsides, subterranean basements, glass walls and staircases, creative and complex pools, water features, large cantilevers, and everything in between. 

We communicate with you throughout the process from start to finish and we will always be upfront and transparent throughout the project. Our team’s foundation is based upon collaboration, community, and honesty. 


Pre-Construction services are vital to help analyze, plan, and establish needs for successful construction. Maintaining the owner’s goals and the architect’s vision is instrumental in the overall success of a project.

To find out more, we have a dedicated page on Pre-construction.

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