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We never lose sight of whose dream it is.

Building luxury homes with a personal touch.

Los Angeles Custom Home by Farnsworth Builders

When you build a dream home, you have to start with the dreamer.

“For us it's about the people, not the size of the job. We go to great lengths to make sure that we understand the people that are going to live in the homes we build. And we’re selective. A good fit is what makes the project work,” says Wes Farnsworth, CEO of Farnsworth Builders, an LA-based luxury home builder. “Our best clients come to us with great plans, positive attitudes, and an eye for quality.”

Luxury home building involves numerous discussions and decisions, so chemistry is important. Starting with initial client interviews and plan reviews, Farnsworth looks for people who want to be involved and collaborative.

“You can get a really good feel for people just by asking the right questions at the outset. We focus on quality of life, family interests, lifestyles and values before we start going over the plans in any detail,” Farnsworth continued. “We want our clients to be invested in, and enthused about, the process.

“Wes and David and the Farnsworth team built our dream house. They listened. They asked great questions. They gave great advice. And then they built the house that we will live in for the rest of our lives – the house we will raise our kids in – the house we love.” Matthew P. Los Angeles


Making sure that the people are part of the plan.

Farnsworth spends a good deal of time in the pre-construction phase going through the plans and making sure that the client understands every aspect.

This is the most important part of the project. Wes is an expert at communicating what the plan calls for and knowing what the client is hoping to achieve. When there is a disconnect, Wes can offer suggestions and ideas to bring the plan back into alignment with the client’s wishes.

According to Farnsworth, “Clients don’t typically understand the plans. We walk them through every aspect. We point out issues and opportunities to bring the plans closer to their intentions. Sometimes it’s little things like shifting window placements to take advantage of natural light or adding some elevation to maximize the views.”

Wes helps set client expectations and opens their eyes to what is possible. “When we finish the plan review, the adjustments and modifications are the result of bringing the client into the process and personalizing the home just for them.”

“Farnsworth Builders built our entire house from the ground up – better than we could have imagined because they had the experience to know a hundred different tiny little solutions to things that wouldn't have ever occurred to us.

Matthew P. Los Angeles

Los Angeles Custom Home by Farnsworth Builders


A dream process.

Farnsworth Builders strive to simplify the process, taking the complications out of new construction. They believe that those who want to create their ideal home shouldn’t have to endure stressful, overly-complicated workflows. They follow a six-step process:

1. Get Organized

We collect and organize all documentation necessary to understand the project goals and requirements, assembling everything in your dedicated file. If any information is missing, we schedule necessary meetings and deliveries to happen as soon as possible.

2. Analyze

Project drawings, blueprints, and other documents are analyzed to develop a clear picture of what our building team must accomplish. We consult the architect to verify design intent and provide more insight where necessary. We also perform risk analysis, shedding light on any problems that we may need to prepare for once construction proceeds.

3. Plan

Planning makes up a sizable portion of the pre-construction work, hence, our consultation will focus on identifying all the different factors necessary for consideration. We will determine plans for both material procurement and building execution, determining what equipment we will need for each step of the process, as well as utility requirements and site planning or evaluation tasks. Recruiting needs are evaluated, forming selection criteria for a team with the skills your build requires. Your project manager will lay the groundwork for planning out construction phasing and logistics, and even scope out scheduling opportunities that may enable expedited services.

4. Survey

Your building plans are scrutinized carefully to review the overall concept, design, and construction site. This further work allows us to plan specific construction tasks and deliveries well in advance, avoiding the bottlenecks and delays that have become so common in the post-pandemic industry.

5. Establish Needs

The goals of the project design are defined in detail, giving us a firm understanding of what characteristics must be attained by the build. We ascertain what needs consultants, engineers, and/or subcontractors may have in terms of information and accommodations, giving every contributor the best possible footing for achieving your goals. Possible needs identified during this step may include site preparations, material availability, or financial milestones. Much of this is accomplished via ongoing dialogue between all collaborators, ensuring that needs are properly forecasted and updated throughout all phases of construction.

6. Consider Approvals

Before construction can begin, the project will need to obtain the right approvals from local building authorities. We’ll assess what permits must be applied for, identify the necessary paperwork, and estimate the application submission deadlines needed to keep the project on course for quick completion.


Los Angeles Custom Home by Farnsworth Builders
Los Angeles Custom Home Interior by Farnsworth Builders

One of the things that sets Farnsworth Builders apart is the high levels of engagement with all parties – architect, contractor and clients – prior to putting shovels in the ground.

Their thorough pre-planning and attention to detail allow clients to rest easy through every project phase, able to indulge in the excitement of accomplishing a completely unique build.

Farnsworth Builders takes a proactive approach when it comes to identifying possible challenges by examining all project documentation and discussing foreseeable friction points with both the client and all project contributors.

They deploy professional engineers to assess how the build must be executed, aligning technical plans with project goals. Estimates are drawn up for conceptual, schematic, and preliminary stages, being refined to reflect a realistic final budget and an achievable timeline.

“We want to set a new standard for how homeowners experience the process of building their forever home,” Farnsworth said. Our goal is to make this journey one of excitement, in which inspiration and collaboration can make even the loftiest of visions a reality.”

Proactive problem solving.

Farnsworth strives to build a sense of camaraderie with every one of their clients. “By the end of the project, we aim to walk away as friends who we helped start a new chapter of their lives,” Farnsworth added.

“They are smart. They are capable. They are kind. They listen. And they build well. If you need a contractor, you should call them.”

Mathew P. Los Angeles

Los Angeles Custom Home by Farnsworth Builders

A true spirit of collaboration.

Farnsworth believes collaboration is the key to inspired design and strives to deliver the very best projects with the least amount of stress.

He is passionate about building and creating luxurious, beautiful spaces. “We do what we do because we care and are always looking to innovate. Every detail is important.”

Wes is personally involved in every project, and since 2008, Farnsworth Builders has had the honor of helping homeowners and architects express their individuality with projects in Venice, Santa Monica, and throughout Southern California.

Throughout your project you will receive personal attention from Wes, and his team; always keeping communication, quality craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction as our goal and promise. “At the end of the day, we must realize, the true thing we are building is a home. The human element must never be lost in the process,” according to Farnsworth.

If you’d like to experience this personalized luxury home building process for yourself, click here to schedule an appointment with Wes.


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