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Reimagine your living space from the ground up.

“We love working with LA people. This is the center of the creative world where visionaries and luminaries reside. If it’s happening in living trends, it’s happening here first. As a luxury home builder, we get to help clients turn their visions into their ideal living space,” says Wes Farnsworth, of Farnsworth Builders.

“When we sit down with a client, we ask a lot of questions so that we can truly understand their vision, and we also offer ideas for consideration based on our luxury home building experiences. There’s nothing better than a client getting excited about what is possible and turning it into a building plan,” Farnsworth added.

Does the home make best use of the site?

You know the saying, “In real estate, the three most important things are location, location, location.” But you don’t live in a location, you live in a home, and you want your home to be a full expression of who you are. This is your chance to make it wholly yours.

From orientation of the structure to natural light patterns and optimized views, there is a lot of opportunity to integrate the home into the site in a way that feels like a modern expression of a timeless principle…the land and the home are one.

Redefining the indoor/outdoor flow.

Wes loves it when clients want to take full advantage of the incredible LA climate with imaginative outdoor living spaces with seamless transitions from indoor to outdoor.

From dramatic balconies and expansive patios, hardscape, softscape, pools and water features, if you can envision it, Farnsworth can make it happen.

For example, in this home, the main living space is anchored by a 22’ wide sliding glass, La Cantina Pocket Door placed in a customized concrete, hidden pocket. When closed, the space is flooded with an ever-changing natural light, maintaining a strong connection to the exterior terrace and providing silence from the outside world. When fully open, the line between indoors and outdoors is not only blurred, it’s erased completely. (see more photos here)

People-friendly luxury living.

Luxury homes make beautiful architectural statements, but Wes never loses sight of the fact that it is a place where people and families live, play, relax, dine, entertain, sleep, and now, more than ever, work. This is where luxury home renovations get personal. Do you want an arts and crafts studio? Are gardens your happy place? Is a wine cellar part of the plan? How about a soundproof game and rec room for growing children? Or perhaps a home office with a state-of-the-art “Zoom studio”?

The possibilities are endless, and the guiding principle is always to make the home an expression of the people who live there.

Planet-friendly, responsible luxury.

You don’t have to be an eco-warrior to want your home to be sustainable. Major advances in technologies, materials, and construction techniques can dramatically reduce energy use, conserve water, and address concerns for efficiency and sustainability. In addition, we can make your home better prepared to withstand the impacts of climate change.

For example, when we do a total home renovation, we first look at the structural soundness – the envelope or air seal. Energy leakage through drafty windows makes AC systems work harder to maintain comfort.

Understanding site and structure orientation and sun patterns helps us configure high-efficiency windows to make maximum use of natural light.

New home energy systems such as geothermal, solar, and wind should all be considered when trying to make the home as energy efficient as possible.

For many clients, this is a priority and the materials they choose throughout the home reflect their conscientiousness.

Soaking up the sun.

Supplementing your home’s electrical system with solar power is one of the best ways to reduce dependence on the grid alone.

If the idea of a solar panel array on your roof or property doesn’t necessarily appeal to you, there are Innovations in solar energy capture and storage that use aesthetically pleasing and inobtrusive glass roof tiles. These solar roof tiles allow you to match your home’s architectural style while still using the sun to generate your own energy.

Safe, secure, simple home management with Smart Home technology

A whole-home renovation is also the perfect time to invest in smart home systems to simplify home management, upgrade security, and elevate audio-visual entertainment capabilities throughout the home.

“My husband and I hired Wes and his crew to help us rebuild our house from the ground up. We were able to do all of this in 11 months! In the middle of Covid no less!

Our house design is very modern and thanks to Wes’ team every detail is perfect! We had several elements to our house that were complicated but thankfully Wes and his guys are super-skilled problem solvers, and it was all executed to a T!

We’re so lucky we found Farnsworth Builders.

Christa, Santa Monica, CA

One more big benefit of a total home renovation…you stay out of the ultra-competitive and expensive LA real estate market.

You could spend your time shopping for a lot or a home. But be prepared for a stress-filled process that carries an expensive price tag.

Or you could stay and build your dream home right where you are. Preserve as much of the original home as you like. Add rooms, stories, detached living quarters, whatever it takes to make your luxury home truly and wholly yours.

The right builder can make it happen.

“We have worked with Farnsworth Builders on a few different projects including both renovations and a new build. In all the projects, the scope and clients were very specific and Wes and his team always asked the right questions and made sure that everything was built per the drawings and design direction. We have worked with a number of contractors and their team really goes above and beyond. They were not only very cordial and easy to work with, they were always there with a discerning eye and incredible attention to detail for the finishing touches; a skill you don't often encounter in this industry. I whole heartedly recommend the team at Farnsworth Builders for any building project and we are excited to continue to work with them as we refer them to other clients with the utmost confidence in their skill and expertise.”

-AAHA Studio, Los Angeles

So you like the idea of luxury home renovation. Where do you start?

Find a builder with LA luxury home-building experience, one that knows the questions to ask, that shows genuine interest in the people as much as the plans.

At Farnsworth Builders, we believe collaboration is the key to inspired design. With true inspiration comes unsurpassed quality and style. We strive to deliver the very best projects with the least amount of stress. This thinking becomes a core value when partnering with architects. We accomplish this by thoroughly examining a project's drawings and anticipating challenges before ever starting construction.

We are personally involved in every project, and since 2008, Farnsworth Builders has had the honor of helping homeowners and architects express their individuality with projects in Venice, Santa Monica, and throughout the LA metro area.

You will receive personal attention from our CEO, Wes, and his team; always keeping communication, quality craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction as our goal and promise.

If you’d like to talk to Wes about a whole-home renovation, click here to schedule an appointment.

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