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How Luxury Los Angeles Home Builders Help Alleviate Delays

Want to make sure that your home construction project stays on schedule?

Start with a well-thought-out plan.

Construction projects are often subject to needless delays. For some builders it’s just an accepted part of the process. High-quality firms such as Farnsworth Builders take a different, proactive approach.

Farnsworth Builders understands that once customer expectations have been set, they need to do everything in their power to meet and exceed them. Exceeding expectations requires a heavy investment in planning and coordination to minimize delays and keep the project on time and budget.

In this post, we review how great planning leads to complete project success, and how poor planning can cause projects to derail.

What’s at stake? The consequences of poor planning

Many homeowners have found themselves in delayed construction situations through no fault of their own. They trusted their contractor to perform all of the due diligence necessary to pull off their project, not realizing that the contractor may have been inexperienced or overscheduled.

Beyond the disappointment of things taking longer, there are a number of consequences that result from a poorly planned construction project.

Underestimated costs

When contractors promise a particular price for a build, the client is usually only prepared to pay that amount. But if a contractor simply assumes historical prices without getting competitive and timely bids, they run the risk of seriously underestimating their costs and giving their clients an unwanted surprise in the form of a higher-than-quoted bill..

Logistics failures

On a related note, poorly-coordinated material shipments and deliveries are an exceedingly common cause of project delays. This is especially true in today’s market, where pandemic disruptions have caused vast shortages in building materials across the nation. Contractors who do not plan material orders early enough can easily cause projects to be delayed by weeks or even months.

Planning shipments without considering storage needs or subcontractor availability can also be a pitfall. Some materials must be installed right away, or proper storage conditions must be prepared before their arrival. If this does not happen and the installer isn’t available at the right time, delays and losses are a likely result.

Expert Trade Contractor scheduling

Home building projects typically rely on a number of different experts working on the same zones. But more often than not, only one team can work at a time. In some cases, one team may only be able to start after work is completed by another. It’s easy to see how this opens the door to scheduling conflicts.

A well-thought-out Pre-Construction plan is the best tool to minimize delays.

The issues mentioned above can be avoided if contractors dedicate significant time and effort to due diligence before projects begin. This preliminary phase is commonly known as pre-construction, and entails all of the investigation and planning tasks necessary to fully prepare for a build. Pre-construction is used to survey all project conditions and expectations, charting out a practical course for work to commence.

Going through this process uncovers some complications and potential bottlenecks that would otherwise delay a project. Spotting these issues early gives the entire team the ability to re-strategize and coordinate new plans that mitigate disruption and preserve the original project timeline as much as possible.

The best builders all implement a thorough pre-construction plan as a must-have phase in every project they take on. This allows them to deliver builds that truly reflect the service and quality clients expect when they set out to build a luxury home.

What steps does the Pre-Construction process use to avoid delays?

There are a number of steps involved in the pre-construction process. Not all firms use the same, or even all of them. However, a full pre-construction process typically entails: organization, analysis, planning, surveying, needs assessment, and permit preparation.

Gathering information

All project documentation is gathered, including construction drawings, design mock-ups, specifications, and more. Any missing documents are tracked down before proceeding to the next step, ensuring that the contractor has all of the information they need to form a complete understanding of project goals.

Analyzing project documents

Every aforementioned document is reviewed carefully. The project architect is consulted to clarify design plans and provide explanations where necessary. This review allows contractors to identify the project risks and note what complications they may need to prepare for.

Planning the logistics of construction

With a full understanding of the project design and challenges, the contractor can now plan the practicalities of construction. This includes material procurement, equipment sourcing, utility arrangements, and sub-contractor recruitment. Scheduling conflicts are considered and opportunities to streamline work are assessed.

Surveying building plans

The construction plans are reviewed for their efficiency, accuracy, and adherence to original design goals and their suitability for the building site. Adjustments to plans and logistics are made as needed.

Identifying permits & paperwork

Every permit and approval necessary for project compliance is identified. The requisite paperwork is then planned for submission before deadlines.

Finding an LA Home Builder who uses Pre-Construction

If you’re planning a luxury home then be sure to find a builder with a documented pre-construction plan that addresses all of the key issues mentioned above. Unfortunately, many builders compete by bidding rock-bottom prices and immediate construction. If there is no budgeting for a pre-construction planning phase, that should raise a red flag.

Sure there is an investment of time and money in this critical phase, but done right, it significantly reduces the chances of a project going over budget or getting tied up with delays.

Clients that understand this should be committed to finding a builder that doesn’t sacrifice pre-construction just so they can win the bidding war. In Los Angeles, Farnsworth Builders is one of the few firms that employs a full pre-construction process. We do this so that we can promise our clients a well-organized build that avoids misunderstandings, disruptions, the need for re-work, and the resulting time-and-budget overruns. Those who’ve chosen to build with us have enjoyed a predictable construction process that unfolds as planned, resulting in a beautiful, luxury-tier home.


Read reviews! Customer experiences tell it all!

There are many venues across the web, use them! Look for consistency, years in business and 5 star reviews based on work that has been done. Our reviews are tagged to projects in most cases.

If you’d like to discuss how our team can help you plan a successful, delay-free build, please contact us today. We’ll schedule you for a consultation where you can talk one-on-one with our experts and outline your project goals.

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