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Custom Home Builder

Here at Farnsworth Builders, we look at each project with intention and empathy for what our client's desired outcome is. For us it's about the people, not the size of the job.  A good fit is what makes the project work.  Our favorite clients come to us with great plans, positive attitudes, and an eye for quality.

Pre-construction Services

We offer an intensive, transparent pre-construction stage!  Each step within the construction process is clearly outlined with the Farnsworth team, starting with an accurate bidding process, which is often vastly underrated and overlooked. Preparation is the key to success.  We work with your entire team to lay all the necessary groundwork for building. In order to prevent disruptions during construction, significant planning and analysis must be done.

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New Construction Services

Farnsworth Builders has been helping homeowners create top of the line new construction projects since 2008. Our work brings true individuality to the region’s custom homes, leveraging a methodology that identifies opportunities for improvements and gets the most out of each build.

Home Remodeling

For over 14 years, we have been upgrading LA Homes with luxury remodeling services. Our team draws on extensive past experience to execute remodels that completely transform our client's homes. From market value and energy efficiency to aesthetic appeal and overall quality of living, every aspect is upgraded for maximum impact.

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The Farnsworth Builders Mission

The motivation for Farnsworth started with a desire to raise the bar. We wanted to set a new standard for how homeowners experience the process of building their forever home. Farnsworth was founded to make this journey one of excitement, in which inspiration and cooperation could make even the loftiest of visions a reality.

Today, Farnsworth continues to help others bring their visualizations into the world, creating homes with undeniable character and integrity. We strive to build a sense of camaraderie with every one of our clients, understanding just how important their project is to their life’s greater goals.

We know that we play a crucial role in the story of our client's homes, and we do all we can to support their dreams. By the end of our work, we aim to walk away as friends who helped these families welcome a new chapter of their lives. It’s our hope that you’ll be among the next.

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