What is Pre-Construction? 


Pre-Construction is the first of three phases: 1) Pre-Construction, 2) Construction Phase (actual building), 3) Post-Construction. The foundation of any project is the Pre-Construction phase. This crucial period often entails value engineering, conceptual estimates, constructability review, logistics, and process scheduling. 

Importance of Pre-Construction consulting 

Pre-Construction services are vital to help analyze, plan, and establish needs for successful construction. Maintaining the owner’s goals and the architect’s vision is instrumental in the overall success of a project. Pre-Construction’s purpose is to ensure the project design is clearly defined in every detail and definitively executable in all aspects of construction by all parties involved before actual construction begins. It is aimed at making sure that everyone on the team has what is needed to make the project successful, functional, and financially viable. Thorough review during the Pre-Construction period is critical to seamlessly integrate architectural plans, precisely translate specifications for key collaborators (sub-contractors), and achieve timely completion of a project. It is aimed at making sure that everyone on the team has what is needed to make the project successful, functional, and financially viable. 

Pre-Construction deliverables 

Primary outcomes of Pre-Construction are firm project scope, analysis of feasibility requirements, due diligence, preliminary cost estimates, and plausible schedule. Every project can benefit from early innovation and strategy. Farnsworth Builder’s Pre-Construction consulting can also provide a procurement/execution plan, risk analysis, utility requirements, team criteria, and selection, equipment lists, site planning, site evaluations, analysis of various building systems, phasing and logistics planning, suggestions for value engineering, cost savings and schedule expediting services. Financing procurement assistance is available.

 Performance and Pre-Construction 

Taking advantage of the Pre-Construction phase ultimately improves performance. The Pre-Construction expertise offered by Farnsworth Builders delivers a tighter grasp of the project parameters whether a project is in conceptual, initiation, or feasibility stages. Doing all the work necessary to begin construction of the project optimizes project development and results in a successful build. Farnsworth Builders utilizes the Pre-Construction phase to provide value-driven information and empowers clients to move forward confidently. 

Solutions Driven Collaboration 

Critical to a project’s success is a genuine collaboration between the architect and builder, along with timely and transparent reporting to the client. This communication triangle is essential to the synergy of a custom home build; adding foresight to issues before they arise. The Farnsworth Build Team facilitates projects ‘day-to-day’, keeping jobs on track and on schedule by keeping communication flowing so that all parties are informed throughout the lifecycle of the project. Farnsworth Builders is committed to this collective workstyle to ensure every nuance of the original plan is executed to perfection. 






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